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Working with Young People

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

It can sometimes be a bit of a mystery for Young People as to what happens after leaving school... especially when you are told you must have experience to get into certain jobs.

It is also very difficult to know what kind of jobs are out there when you are leaving school, college or University, as you may have never experienced the world of work!

One of the great things that we do here at The Victor Pizza Company is work with local schools, colleges and charities to give young people a chance to gain real insight into the wonderful world of food production.

Victor Pizza began working with young people through MCR. Currently, our MD Anne Marie and her daughter, Melissa (our Business Development Executive), both volunteer with MCR Pathways for one hour a week at a local primary school.

The purpose of spending 1 hour each week with the care experienced young person is to help build their confidence and continually encourage them to reach their full potential. Both Melissa and Anne Marie have found this an extremely rewarding experience and have learned a lot about themselves in the process.


One of the main charities Victor Pizza has worked closely with is YGT (Young Glasgow Talent). YGT was developed by the the team at MCR Pathways and has been created to give disadvantaged young people a chance to try out a variety of different jobs.

The MCR initiative works with local business' who will run half day sessions for the young people enabling them to feel inspired, and give them hands- on experience in that specific industry.

Recently, we were joined by Scottish Enterprise and their Career Ready Interns who can be seen pictured above and below.

One of the school children Mark reported having a brilliant time at the Victor Pizza Talent Taster. His Pathways Coordinator told us, “he loved it and would’ve happily stayed on working for the rest of the day. He plans to apply for part time work when he turns 16 in March. Marks said it was really good fun and the best taster he has been on.”

What happens on the day?

9.30am- Students arrive on site.

9.45am- 'Working in food' chat with the Victor Pizza Owners and Melissa.

10.00am- Factory Tour with Melissa.

10.30am- Young People will be allocated jobs and rotated every 15 minutes.

Jobs include: Cheesing and saucing pizza on the line, making up dough's, catching pizza off the line, packing pizza and palatalizing pizza boxes.

12.00pm- Lunch (Pizza which was produced by the young people earlier that day).

12.30pm- Questions with the Owners and Melissa.

Why does this matter to us?

Victor Pizza take part in talent tasters as we feel we can give young adults a taste of what happens both in a working factory and generally what to expect in the workplace. We also believe that jobs in food are often overlooked, and want to show off some of the incredible jobs that are available. From Technical roles to high level director roles, we are always looking to fill positions!

Find our more about MCR and the talent tasters below:

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