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Eat Balanced leading the way in healthier pizza options!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

For the last 5 years Victor Pizza have been manufacturing a delicious, nutritious pizza product on behalf of Eat Balanced.

Owner, Donnie Maclean, came up with the innovative idea, working with a professor of nutrition at Glasgow University. Donnie's goal was to create the ultimate balanced meal, ensuring each pizza gives you all of the nutrients your kids need for good health.

The Eat Balanced, 'Health by Stealth' approach focuses on the importance of a healthy balanced diet and aims to provide kids with a delicious healthier option.

So what makes it healthier?

Donnie has worked tremendously hard ensuring each of the Pizza Power kids pizzas are lower in saturated fat (up to 60% per 100g) and salt, and higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

How has he achieved this...

He has replaced the salt with seaweed!

Why? Because seaweed has less than 10% of the sodium content you get in salt, the kids can’t see tell the difference and it provides a lovely flavour while adding lots of other important nutrients! This means that all of our Eat Balanced Pizza Power Pizza sits below the UK government's salt targets, without tasting like they need salt!

Where can I buy these products?

Eat Balanced Pizza Power are now available through both Brakes and Bidfood.

Brakes: 15″ x 11″ Cheese & Tomato Multiserve Pizzas – Case of 12

Brakes Code: 113092

Brakes: 5 inch Cheese & Tomato Pizzas – Case of 40

Brakes Code: 112968

15″ x 11″ Cheese & Tomato Multiserve Pizzas – Case of 12

Bidfood Code: 99568

5 inch Cheese & Tomato Pizzas – Case of 40

Bidfood Code: 97054

Pizza Panda – Cheese & Tomato – Case of 28

Bidfood Code: 99634

To find out more about Eat Balanced products, please see:

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